After purchasing my policy it has taken more than 3 months and I still have not received a hard copy....they will not fax it or send it to you via e-mail.

Now I have a claim and when I called they were rude to the point that they told me they would cancell my policy and i would be screwed... YES! Amazing... after asking to speak to a supervisor they hung up on me...

Its now taken over a week and the car is still in the Dealer waiting on a response from the adjutor...this is the worst company ... I am just amazed that companies like this are allowed to provide any type of service to customers...

They should be shut down.

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Buy a legal insurance plan. Our attorneys don't mess around with scamming businesses.

I made a mistake in the previous url


Margie Larioza 512-341-2887


An attorney would have forced them to honor their warranty and way of doing business. One call should fix the problem, if not, a letter on a law firm's letterhead should fix the problem.

Buy it - be covered


Margie Larioza 512-341-2887


I, too, have been waiting since March to get my promised reimbursement check for my approved repairs. I also need more repairs, but can't afford to have them done since they haven't paid me back for the first repair.


I have been waiting since march to get reimbursed. i would take them to small claims and get a full refund and damages. i am going to the courthouse to do the same tomorrow.

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